Healthy New Year!

DSCN0495Focus on getting healthy this year rather than just losing weight. “Morning By Morning Pathway to Health” applies biblical principles to health and shows how a daily commitment and the faithfulness of God can transform your health. As you get healthy, your weight will normalize. Be thankful and praise God for the health he has entrusted you with and commit to be a good steward of his resources.

Recognize that we live in an obesigenic environment that favors weight gain. Make your daily food and lifestyle choices wisely to counteract toxic cultural influences and emotional baggage. Your body is designed with the God-given ability to stay healthy and to regain health.  This book helps you make positive health and lifestyle changes that impact your heart, spirit and body. Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most booksellers.

If Bones Could Talk!

If Bones Could Talk 2One of the many ways we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” is that our bones are living tissues constantly being molded and sculpted. To do their job, your bones need proper nutrition just as the rest of your body does. If only your bones could talk, they might say to you, “Don’t rob my calcium! Be a good steward of the health God gave you. His design for your body was perfect.”

As far as your body’s priorities are concerned, your bones are first and foremost a storage place for calcium, and only secondarily a means of structural support and locomotion. So, when there’s not enough available calcium, your body removes it from your bones for higher priority needs elsewhere. Survival is more important than locomotion.

When the rate of bone loss speeds up while the rate of making new bone tissue slows down, your bones become porous, brittle, and susceptible to fracture. Factors that contribute to  osteoporosis include poor nutrition, poor calcium absorption, hormonal imbalance, hyperthyroidism, conventional drugs, lack of exercise, cigarette smoking, high alcohol use, fluoride, environmental toxins and heavy metals. Caffeine is insidious. It causes your body to leech calcium from your bones.

Tired of Jumping Through Hoops?

Jumping Through HoopsAvoid years of frustration battling a puzzling array of risk factors & disease symptoms. Instead of struggling to jump through the hoops of one fad diet or health program after another, get back to the basics with biblical principles of health. Your body is designed with the God-given ability to stay healthy and to regain health.

In my book “Morning By Morning Pathway to Health”, I use the acronym “NATURE’S OWN” to describe the importance of Nutrition, Attitude, Toxin removal, Undoing the wrong, Rest and sleep, Exercise, Sunshine, Oxygen, Water, and back to Nutrition. Your body wants to be healthy and will become more nearly so with this daily physical & spiritual nurturing.

Good News!

Good News Scales 1Stepping on the scales is often done with trepidation, but what joy when the scales reveal good news — especially when that significant digit finally changes. Although it’s just like any other pound, somehow it feels like an especially big victory and the relief is staggering. Excess weight comes off naturally when we focus on getting healthy rather than just losing weight.

Most dieters have experienced a rapid weight loss followed by a weight gain of at least, and frequently more, than had been lost to begin with. This yo-yo action is not only disappointing but demoralizing. Many rapid weight loss diets depend on loss of water to provide a quick success of a few pounds. This is not sustainable.

Avoid yo-yo dieting by changing your focus from “lose weight” to “get healthy.” A lifestyle of long term health habits includes nutrition, exercise, rest, sunshine, fresh air, and attitude. When you get healthy, your weight will take care of itself!

Let’s Get Physical!

TurtleNo matter how slow you’re moving, you can still run laps around those who are on the couch. The best exercise for you is the one you can do and WILL DO! So take heart, get started and keep moving at your own speed. You can pick up the pace as you build your strength and endurance. God has given you a resilient body designed for health. It will respond to your efforts to regain health with an optimal balance of exercise, nutrition, rest, attitude, toxin removal, sunshine, clean air and water. So get started. Let’s get physical!

Share your veggies!

Share your veggies!

A supportive family and friends can be one of the best blessings and biggest encouragements to help you overcome stumbling blocks on the road to health and well-being. Encourage your loved ones by being supportive of their efforts in eating right, exercising, and other healthful activities. Participate in their new learning experience, hold them accountable if you’ve been asked to do so, and whole heartedly celebrate their successes! You’ll both be blessed.

Walking: a Lost Art

Walking: a Lost Art

Remember when? Rediscover the pleasure of walking. Walking provides a quiet, stress-free time together. Walking is good for fitness, weight loss, exercise, and long term health. It’s easy, safe, inexpensive, and can be exhilarating! Walking conditions your heart, improves muscle tone and strength, relieves stress, and can help with back pain, disease, and other health problems.

Walking to a nearby store works up an appetite and works off those extra pounds. Walking your pet is good for both of you. Explore your neighborhood or a nearby park.

Why do we automatically take the car when walking is often the better choice for a given task and for our health as well?

Have You Taken a Detour on the Pathway to Health?

Have You Taken a Detour on the Pathway to Health?

The pathway to health is not always intuitively obvious. Misinformation abounds and the signposts are not always clear. Even when we do know the “right” way, we sometimes choose to take a little “side trip” along a few different ways and the consequences of those decisions may not be clear until we are mired in wrong habits and resulting degenerative conditions. Many people then endure years of frustration trying to find relief from a puzzling array of symptoms.

Now is the time for new beginnings, a time to take stock of where we are and where we are headed. Only when you understand the health needs of your body and the implications of nutrition, environmental, and other health factors will you be in a position to take charge of your health and chart a new course for wellness.

Find a health care practitioner who will educate you, not just medicate you. Look for a health coach who is willing to spend time with you to make sure you understand what is happening in your body and why it produces symptoms that bother you. Insist on baseline measures of key health components and measurements of progress and results. You need encouragement, assurance, and information to make informed decisions about your nutrition, your lifestyle, and your environmental exposures.

Your optimal health requires a daily commitment on your part and it will be rewarded with the faithfulness of God and the healing abilities that He has created in your body’s design. As you detoxify, rebuild, eat better, and exercise, you need a coach who is supportive and uplifting, one who will come along side you with encouragement, helpful measures of progress, words to sustain the weary, and celebration of results. Now is the time to get back on track!